Hair Loss Essential Oil With Hair Growth Serum
Item Type:  Hair Loss Product Ingredient:  pure plant natural extract NET WEIGHT:  30ml Product categories:  Compound essential oils Ingredient:  Pure plant natural extract Shelf Life:  3 years Applicable hair:  All hair types
Tk 3,200.00 Tk 1,790.00
Jade Massage roller facial beauty instrument powder crystal scraping jade roller set
Material: other Craft: polishing Country/Region of Origin: Australia Brand: other category: other Material source: natural Cleaness: other shape: Geometry Hanging form: other style: other Occasions for gifts: Full moon, travel commemoration, graduation, housewarming, party gathering, visits and condolences Applicable gift-giving...
Tk 2,550.00 Tk 1,550.00
Facial lifting and tightening micro-current skin rejuvenation beauty instrument peeling device
Features: Negative ions, micro current Brand: Philips Applicable scene: Home colour: Pearl white, girlish pink
Tk 3,200.00 Tk 2,490.00
LAIKOU cherry blossom essenceskin care products in one drop
Brand: Lecco Whether to import: no Applicable skin: general Net content: 17ml (g/ml) Ingredients: water Product form: liquid Cosmetic efficacy: moisturizing, hydrating
Tk 500.00 Tk 250.00
4-color long-lasting oil control makeup look and finishing dry hair powder FANA banana powder loose powder
Product Category: Matte Brand: fana Applicable skin: Universal specification: Normal specifications Item No.: Banana powder colour: monochrome effect: Set makeup and oil control lasting Color Classification: Elephant white 1#, nude color 2#, light coffee color 3#, dark coffee color 4#...
Tk 450.00 Tk 350.00
Beauty mushroom cushion moisturizing and smoothing beauty cream mushroom head cushion concealer liquid foundation isolation bb cream zp
Brand: Image beauty Applicable skin: Universal Sunscreen: no colour: Image beauty natural color mushroom air cushion/20g, image beauty ivory white mushroom air cushion/20g,  specification: Normal specifications Single product: Image beauty moisturizing cream
Tk 550.00 Tk 450.00
Lipstick Tear-Off Lip Gloss Moisturizing Waterproof 24 Hours Non-Fading Lip Gloss
colour: 6 kinds Brand type: Japanese and Korean brands Special purpose cosmetics: no Shelf life: 24 months net weight: Lovely peach, Rose pink, cherry red, sexy red, sweet orange, watermelon Origin: China Ingredients: lily Applicable skin: Universal effect: Moisturizing
Tk 940.00 Tk 530.00
The fourth generation of eyebrow card stereo handheld thrush card (set of 2)
Brand: Magic beauty Origin: China Product packaging: OPP bag blister card
Tk 590.00 Tk 400.00
Breast Lift Firming Massage Cream
Applicable skin: Universal Net weight: 50 (g/ml)
Tk 900.00 Tk 690.00
EFERO Postpartum Stretch Mark Scar Removal Cream
Brand: Efero Shelf life: 5 years net weight: 3 (g/ml)
Tk 850.00 Tk 690.00
Ginger Nourishing Hair Essential Oil
specification: Normal specifications net weight: 30 (g/ml) Product form: liquid Product specifications: 30ml Cosmetic efficacy: Other effects
Tk 700.00 Tk 499.00
Spot Stila 8 lip gloss set stila8 lipstick non-stick cup lip glaze matte lip gloss set - A set (8 packs)
Specification: 8 sets Shelf life: Three years Applicable skin: Universal category: Lip gloss, lipstick, lip gloss Effect: Retouch Net Weight: 2.5 ml
Tk 1,300.00 Tk 890.00
PURC Keratin Repair And Straighten Hair Conditioner Green Apple Flavor 3.7% Set
Fragrance: Green Apple Applicable hair quality: general Applicable people: general Efficacy: moisturizing, hydrating, moisturizing, deep cleansing, strong and anti-breaking, improving frizz, supple, thick and fluffy Brand: PURC Specification type: normal specification Color classification: Cyan Net content: 100ml+100ml
Tk 1,650.00 Tk 1,150.00
BIOAQUA Moisturizing Concealer Finishing Powder Trimming Cream Primer Makeup Cosmetics
Brand Name:  BIOAQUA Formulation:  Cream Skin type :  All skin types Size:  Full size Use:  Face Net Weight:  0.089g Type:  Concealer Country / Region of Manufacture:  CHINA
Tk 1,650.00 Tk 790.00
BIOAQUA Natural Carrot Lip Balm Moisturizing Lip Wrinkles Anti-Chapped lip gloss (SET OF 2)
Brand: BIOAQUA colour: Soft and pleasant color net weight: 3.8g Origin: China Boxing: 1*36*12 Applicable skin type: general Category: Lip Gloss, Lipstick, Lip Gloss
Tk 690.00 Tk 600.00
Boqutanya Skin Care Bamboo Charcoal Soap Lavender Combination Matcha Soap Cleansing Essential Oil Handmade Soap
Brand: Bioaqua Product Category: Cleansing soap product name: Boquanya essential oil soap series Types of cleansing soap: Essential oil soap For people: Universal Applicable skin: Universal Degree of foaming: Foam cleansing net weight: Bamboo Charcoal Essential Oil Soap (g/ml) Ingredients: Rose,...
Tk 1,050.00 Tk 450.00
QIBEST Matte Non-Stick Lip Gloss Non-Fading Lip Glaze Liquid Lipstick
Product Name: Waterproof Lip Gloss / Liquid Lipstick Type: matte lip gloss Item name: lip gloss lipstick Characteristic:Quick-drying lip tint Quantity: 1pc Weight: 1.9g
Tk 950.00 Tk 520.00
QIBEST Powder Makeup Palette Pigmented Matte Eyeshadow Neon Eye Cosmetics
Brand Name:  QiBest Origin:  CN (origin) Ingredient:  Pearlescent Matte Eye Shadow Advantage:  Durable Advantage:  Easy to use Advantage:  BRIGHTEN Advantage:  Waterproof / Water-resistant Net Weight:  9g Size:  Full size Single color / multi-color:  Above eight colors Country / Region of...
Tk 750.00 Tk 350.00
QIBEST Eyeshadow Palette High Shine Pigment Unique Eyeshadow Palette Long Lasting Cosmetic
Product Name: 24 Colors Glitter Eyeshadow Palette Suitable: all skin types Origin: made in China Colors: 24 colors to choose Weight: 26g 100% brand new and high quality Easy to color Matte texture Rich in colors Easy to apply Long-lasting...
Tk 750.00 Tk 350.00
QIBEST 2 in 1 Double Head Lipstick Pen Moisturizing Matte Lipstick (set of 3) - 2 (set of 3)
Weight: 2.2g Color: as the picture shows Functions 1: 2 in 1, lip liner + lipstickFunction 2: long lasting, pigments, waterproof, easy to wear, natural Portable size, easy to carry. Waterproof, easy to wear and natural. Suitable for professional use...
Tk 1,450.00 Tk 1,150.00
QIBEST Liquid Glitter High Pigment Eye Eyeshadow Cosmetics (Set of 2) - 1 (1 Set 2 Pcs)
Product Name: Liquid Shining Diamond Eyeshadow Applicator Type: Liquid Eyeshadow Makeup Colors: 8 colors Weight: 28g Portable size, easy to carry. Easy to carry, long lasting Shiny, metallic, durable, pearl color Suitable for professional use or home use.    ...
Tk 550.00 Tk 510.00
QEAMEU Colorful Mascara Gentle Moisturizing Quick-Drying Non-Stick waterproof Long Curly Thick Eyelashes
Product Name: Color Waterproof Mascara Type: Mascara Net Weight: 10g Advantages: curly, lengthening, quick drying Volumizing brush Gentle formula Multiple colors Amazing raincoat
Tk 550.00 Tk 250.00
LAIKOU-Pure Argan Oil for Hair Care Multifunctional Pure Essential Oil for Moroccan Dry Scalp
Brand name  : LAIKOU Gender  : Unisex Amount  : 1 Ingredient  : Morocco Argan Oil Net weight  : 70ml Item Type  : Conditioner                                  
Tk 1,350.00 Tk 650.00
BIOAQUA Hair Shampoo Activated Charcoal Deep Cleaning Professional Damaged Hair Repair
Product Series: Bioquanya Applicable hair quality: general Applicable people: general Fragrance: Herbal Product name: BI activated carbon shampoo Special purpose cosmetics: No Efficacy: improve frizz, refreshing oil control, nourishing nutrition, suppleness, anti-dandruff, strong and anti-breaking hair, deep cleansing Brand: Bioquanya...
Tk 2,050.00 Tk 950.00
SKIN CARE Whitening Wrapped Mask (Set of 3) - Orange
Type: Wrapped Mask Use: Whole Face Gender: Female Origin: CN(Origin) Formulation: Liquid Feature: Acne Treatment Feature: Anti-Aging Feature: Moisturizing Feature: Oil-control Feature: Pigmentation Corrector Feature: Whitening Feature: Depth Replenishment Item Type: Treatment & Mask NET WT: 25ml Ingredient: Plant Country/Region of Manufacture: China                          ...
Tk 550.00 Tk 270.00
SKIN CARE Laikom Matcha Sleeping Mask Moisturizing Skin (Set Of 3)
Product Category: Sleep disposable Product Series: Lycome Matcha Sleeping Mask Travel Pack Applicable skin: Universal net weight: 3g*15 packets (g/ml) Product specifications: 3g*15 pack Ingredients: water Cosmetic efficacy: Moisturizing, hydrating, moisturizing For people: Universal :
Tk 550.00 Tk 270.00
MAANGE Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Glitter Pigment Smoky Eye Shadow Palleted Cosmetics - Silver
Origin: CN(Origin) Benefit: Waterproof / Water-Resistant Benefit: BRIGHTEN Benefit: Natural Benefit: other Benefit: Long-lasting Benefit: Easy to Wear NET WT: 111G Single color/multi-color: Above eight colors Country/Region of Manufacture: China Type: Eye Shadow Finish: Satin Finish: Glitter Finish: Metallic Finish: Radiant Finish: Shimmer Finish: luminous Finish: Natural Finish: Matte
Tk 1,350.00 Tk 650.00
Eyeshadow Kit Matte Glitter Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Eye Pigment Cosmetics - 01
Origin: CN(Origin) Ingredient: Eyeshadow Palette Benefit: Long-lasting Benefit: Easy to Wear Benefit: Waterproof / Water-Resistant Benefit: Natural NET WT: 40g Country/Region of Manufacture: China Finish: luminous Finish: Glitter Finish: Matte Finish: Shimmer Finish: Matte Finish: Metallic Waterproof / Water-Resistant: Yes
Tk 750.00 Tk 350.00
Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Cosmetics Diamond Glitter Metallic Creamy Pigmented Shadow Kit - 01
Origin: CN(Origin) Ingredient: smooth powder Benefit: Easy to Wear Size: Full Size Single color/multi-color: Above eight colors Country/Region of Manufacture: China Type: Eye Shadow Finish: Metallic Waterproof / Water-Resistant: No
Tk 950.00 Tk 450.00
Beauty Makeup Palette Square Grid Eyeshadow Palette Pearlescent Matte Non-Flying powder glitter
Ingredient: pigment Eye shadow tray Benefit: Easy to Wear Benefit: Long-lasting Benefit: Natural Benefit: BRIGHTEN Benefit: Waterproof / Water-Resistant Country/Region of Manufacture: China Type: Eye Shadow Finish: Glitter Finish: Matte Finish: Metallic NETTO GEW: 50g
Tk 990.00 Tk 430.00
Fingertip Keyboard Eyeshadow Palette Pearl Sequin Glitter Set - 01
100% Brand New High class quality Different colors for different looks Fine and silky powder Easy to color Matte texture Rich in colors Long-lasting effect Create foggy makeup Strong adhesive, long lasting and wonderful colors, can create foggy makeup effect...
Tk 650.00 Tk 290.00
POPFEEL Lip Plumper Lip Oil Reduce Lip Lines Repair Moisturizer Lip-gloss Lip Care - 02
Brand Name: POPFEEL Type: Lip Gloss Country/Region of Manufacture: China Benefit: Hydrating Benefit: Moisturizer Benefit: Nutritious Ingredient: Hyaluronic acid Use: Lip Item: Glitter Lip Oil Effect: Lip Plumper NET WT: 6g
Tk 650.00 Tk 290.00
POPFEEL Matte Concealer Palette Makeup Base Waterproof Concealer Cream
Brand: POPFEEL colour: natural color Item: Ten Color Concealer Origin: China Suitable for skin type: Suitable for any skin type Efficacy: Concealer Concealer area: face Feature: Modification of freckles and acne marks
Tk 1,250.00 Tk 550.00
POPFEEL Glitter Eyeshadow Galaxy Palette Natural Makeup Bright/Warm Eye Makeup - 2
Brand Name: popfeel Ingredient: Metallic Waterproof / Water-Resistant: Yes Benefit: Long-lasting Benefit: Easy to Wear Benefit: Natural Benefit: BRIGHTEN Benefit: Waterproof / Water-Resistant Finish: luminous Finish: Glitter Finish: Shimmer Finish: Matte Finish: Metallic Finish: Radiant Finish: Natural Finish: Satin Type: Eye Shadow NET WT: 120g
Tk 990.00 Tk 790.00
POPFEEL Glitter Eyeshadow Pigment Shimmer Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow
Brand: POPFEEL Colour: White, pink, yellow, red, purple, green, blue, orange Model: Diamond Pearlescent Eyeshadow Powder Applicable skin: Universal Effect: Retouch Origin: China Weight: 23g Size: 10.5*1.8cm approx.
Tk 750.00 Tk 290.00
POPFEEL Nature Eyebrow Powder And Brush Eyebrow Makeup Brow Enhancer Cream Fixed Eyebrow Palette
Product Category: Eyebrow powder Brand: POPFEEL colour: Multicolor model: Two-tone eyebrow powder net weight: pmf-1,pmf-2,pmf-3 weight: 29g/box size: 7.5*5*1.4CM approx.
Tk 750.00 Tk 350.00
POPFEEL Pro Conceal Hight Definition Cream Concealer - FA06
Brand Name: POPFEEL Skin Type: All Skin Types Formulation: Cream Ingredient: Concealer Benefit: Moisturizer Benefit: Sun Block Benefit: Freckle Removing Benefit: Waterproof / Water-Resistant Benefit: BRIGHTEN Benefit: Natural Country/Region of Manufacture: China NET WT: 8g
Tk 950.00 Tk 450.00
POPFEEL HD Invisible Cover Concealer Color Corrector - 05
Brand Name: popfeel Formulation: Cream Skin Type: All Skin Types Ingredient: CONCEALER Benefit: Moisturizer Benefit: Oil-control Benefit: Sun Block Benefit: Waterproof / Water-Resistant Benefit: Pores Benefit: BRIGHTEN Benefit: Concealer Benefit: Natural Country/Region of Manufacture: China Type: Concealer Use: Face NET WT: 21g Item: Face Concealer Effect: Hide Blemish Function: Brighten, Waterproof / Water-Resistant
Tk 890.00 Tk 390.00
POPFEEL Long-Lasting Base Makeup Matte Liquid Foundation Full Coverage Concealer Face Primer Makeup - 06
Brand Name: POPFEEL Type: FOUNDATION Formulation: Liquid Benefit: Oil-control Benefit: Waterproof / Water-Resistant Benefit: Acne/Spot Removing Benefit: Natural Color: 6 color NET WT: 15ml Country/Region of Manufacture: China Function: 24 Hours Lasting Makeup
Tk 990.00 Tk 490.00
The Ordinary Cleansing Essence Oil Control and Brightening Skin Serum
Country/Region of Origin: Canada Applicable skin type: normal, general, oily, dry, sensitive, mixed Net content: 30 (g/ml) Ingredients: Niacinamide Product form: liquid Product contains: Niacinamide, ursifera, fruit acid, caffeine, vitamin a alcohol, hexapeptide, multiple peptides, salicylic acid, euk13.4, resveratrol, 5%...
Tk 1,090.00 Tk 750.00
ORIGIN ENVY Horse Hair Makeup Brushes Powder Eyeshadow Foundation Blending Brush
Hair Material: Synthetic Hair Handle: wooden handle This brush set contains  Different Design  Brushes, which are practical and can meet your basic eye application needs. Made of good quality material, which  will not be easy to scratch your skin and...
Tk 1,550.00 Tk 650.00
Water Drop Shaped Sponge Makeup Blender - Red
Professional make up Super high quality Super fine surface ensures smooth use Evenly distribute makeup coverage Gives you a brushed finish when applied correctly Teardrop shape that allows the application of various angles Use to apply all types of makeup,...
Tk 550.00 Tk 250.00
Makeup Brush Set Cosmetic Powder Eyeshadow Foundation Blusher Blending Brush
A professional-quality brush set that includes all the basics you need for daily applications Suitable for professional or home use or for beginners Easy to stick powder, natural color, uniform performance The fibers are durable, antibacterial and Hypoallergenic, soft and...
Tk 2,250.00 Tk 990.00
MAANGE Water Drop Shaped Sponge Makeup Blender - 10pcs Set
Origin:  China Quantity:  10pcs Size:  Cosmetic Puff Material:  Non-latex sponge Model Number:  Cosmetic Puff
Tk 1,550.00 Tk 750.00
MAANGE Pro-Makeup Brush Set Face Eye Lip Makeup Brush
MAANGE Set of 13 Quick Dry Makeup Brushes with Soft Blusher Bag Eye Shadow Highlight Powder Brush Portable Beauty ToolCharacteristics:1. Made of high-quality material, safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and durable for long-term use.2. Easy to keep dust, its color is...
Tk 3,550.00 Tk 1,570.00
MAANGE Makeup Brush Tool Set Powder Eyeshadow Foundation Blush Blending Brush
Brand name  : MAANGE Brush Material  : NYLON Item Type  : Makeup brush Fit  : Face, nose, eyes, Blush, Eyeshadow Size  : app.13.5-18.9cm
Tk 1,550.00 Tk 690.00
O.TWO.O Pure Gold Foil Essence Serum Face Cream Face Whitening Moisturizing Oil
Model number  : Essential oil Net weight  : 15ml Ingredient  : Makeup Primer Advantage  : Anti-wrinkle Country / Region of Manufacture  : CHINA Advantage  : Moisturizing key word 1  : Rose essence oil key word 2  : 24K gold foil key word 3  : Moisturizing essence
Tk 1,690.00 Tk 750.00
O.TWO.O Matte Liquid Lipstick Lip Gloss Waterproof Long Lasting Makeup - 01
Origin:  CN (origin) Model: Lip gloss Size:  Full size Type 1:  Lip Gloss Type 2:  Blush Effect: Waterproof, Long-Lasting, Matte Type: Liquid Lipstick, Blusher
Tk 690.00 Tk 510.00
O.TWO.O Velvet Matte Beauty Lipstick Long Lasting Lipstick Cosmetic - 01
Specifications  : O.TWO.O Net weight  : 28g Country / Region of Manufacture  : CHINA Advantage  : Long lasting Model  : Lipstick
Tk 790.00 Tk 510.00
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